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Terms of Service

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Single Course Students Only

This policy applies to any student registered in a single course or a bundle of courses.

Students may request a withdrawal and receive an applicable refund by contacting the Student Services team at learn@vdci.edu. Students should not contact their instructors with withdrawal requests.

Single-course students who cancel or withdraw from their training path will receive a full refund for their future, not yet accessed courses. Courses that have been scheduled and accessed cannot be cancelled, and withdrawal requests for those courses will not result in a refund.

Course Re-take & Scheduling Policies

Students are eligible for one (1) free course re-take only if they do not pass the course.

Students are not allowed to reschedule a course they have already accessed.

Necessary Definitions:

Graded Students Only

Completed: A student who attends their course by either attending past the 8th day of the course or by attending more than half of their course. “Half” of the course is measured by the number of lessons/topics attended. If there are an odd number of lessons/topics, the student must attend the mathematical half rounded-up (e.g. for seven (7) total topics, four (4) topics is considered “half”). All courses that have been completed, either with a passing or failing grade, will receive no refund. These courses will be recorded on the student’s Academic Transcript and Refund Calculation.

Cancellation: A student who never attends course and informs the institution.

Withdrawal: A student who attends a course at the institution but does not complete their course. Withdrawals are initiated by the student. If a student is withdrawn and has attended their scheduled course during any time from the 1st day through the 11th day of the course, they will be issued a pro-rata refund based on their Last Day of Attendance (LDA). If a student has attended the course beyond the 11th day of the course and is withdrawn after the 11th day of the course, they will not be entitled to a refund. No student can be withdrawn after the 18th day of a course.

Termination: A type of withdrawal from training initiated by the institution due to failure to meet one or more institutional policies:

(a) If a student is not able to attend a scheduled course in two attempts, the student will be considered terminated from their course or training bundle.

(b) If a student violates the code of conduct.

(c) If a student has been withdrawn from any course in the past and fails to attend their current course.

Last Date of Attendance (LDA): The final date the student attends class or virtually participates in a course.

Date of Determination (DOD): The date the student notifies the school of his or her withdrawal, or the date the institution terminates or administratively withdraws the student.

Code of Conduct– Academic Integrity

Any student believed to have willfully engaged in Academic Dishonesty may be asked by the institution to validate their work and/or be subjected to consequences up to and including termination.

VDCI will ensure that safeguards have been built into the Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) course format and into onsite courses to require that all students be held to the same standards of academic honesty.

These safeguards include (but are not limited to):

  • Requiring students to retain and provide drafts or cumulative project updates to demonstrate stages of completion
  • Restricting students from changing assignment topics or project goals without the permission of an instructor
  • Requiring students to provide source credit and/or disclose any outside assistance or contributions to their work
  • Requiring students to alter, expand upon, or reenact work submissions when there is significant evidence or suspicion of plagiarism/identity misrepresentation
  • Requesting to discuss a project or submission with a student in a “real time” format (example: telephone call, virtual meeting, etc.)

If VDCI concludes that a student, either in an IDL or onsite course, has willfully engaged in an act of academic dishonesty, that student can face consequences including (but not limited to):

  • The requirement to complete an alternate or additional assignment
  • Receiving no credit for an assignment or assignments
  • The requirement to retake a course (course failure)
  • Academic probation
  • Suspension from VDCI
  • Termination of enrollment from VDCI
  • VDCI’s disclosure of illegal activity (such as copyright infringement or fraud) to the appropriate authorities

In most instances, a student who has willfully committed an act of academic dishonesty will not receive credit (a “zero”) for that assignment. If the student fails the course due to that lack of credit, the student will need to retake the course.

If a student commits another act of academic dishonesty, VDCI’s investigation reveals prior instances of academic dishonesty, or the student’s actions are found to have a severe impact on their training/the training of others, that student may face consequences up to and including termination of enrollment.

Any student who is found to have committed an act of academic dishonesty and is subjected to consequences, up to and including termination, has the right to request a hearing by the VDCI Conduct Panel (as listed in “Code of Conduct: Student Conduct and Terminations”).

Course Surveys

All students are requested to complete a course survey at the end of each individual course. Comments from those individual course surveys are regularly posted onto the VDCI website, in the "Student Reviews" section of each course. Student names are not mentioned in those surveys.

VDCI is required by our national accrediting agency, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) to maintain a record of course surveys. That record includes the anonymous course survey. During ACCET onsite evaluation visits, ACCET and the US Department of Education will often ask to see validation of these anonymous course survey documents.


If the student has ordered a textbook through VDCI, VDCI will place the order for the textbook and have it delivered to the student. If a student is enrolled in a Certificate Program, please see the Return Policies detailed in the Program. For individual course and bundle programs, textbooks purchased and ordered for the student cannot be returned.