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VDCI Library

VDCI includes valuable resources to supplement each course and are available for current and past students. Technical White Papers which are created by the VDCI faculty are also provided. The content in our Library is regularly updated.

Free VDCI Tips & Tricks Videos

The VDCI faculty and staff are extremely involved in the Autodesk Education and Knowledge Communities. VDCI is pleased to share the following Tips and Tricks videos with you.

The VDCI Vanguard Whitepapers

Stay up to date with our VDCI Vanguard Whitepapers. The whitepapers include articles and briefs on current and future technology, Tips and Tricks and more.

Here is a link to our VDCI Vanguard Whitepapers.

If you would like to be included in the distribution list for our future issues of the VDCI Vanguard, please send us an email.

Course Video-Only Access

  • This is currently not available to students.