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Blueprint Reading for Commercial Construction

20 Clock Hours 18 Days

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"Blueprint" is the historic name for construction documents. Contractors build the design and follow the project documentation included in the "blueprints."

Understanding how to read a set of blueprint construction documents is very important to people working in the construction industry.

Led by your instructor, who is a licensed architect, you will review the construction documents for a real-world, mixed-use commercial project which includes hotel, retail and parking. We will walk through the set of architectural and all engineering construction documents. We will also review the project specifications for the mixed-use project.

Blueprint Reading for Commercial Construction Includes Closed Captioning.

This class expands upon the materials which was learned in PFC 101, Blueprint Reading for Residential Construction.

VDCI encourages a strong online engagement. You will participate in group discussion forums, connect with your instructor and message your classmates. You are also invited to join us in the VDCI Student Lounge, where our instructors, staff, current students and alumni share information and help one another.

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to make the connections and references between multiple documents contained in a set of blueprint drawings and will be qualified to enroll in the AutoCAD courses.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the inter-relationship between the drawings included in a set of Construction Documents (blueprints) for a Mixed-Use Commercial project.
  • Analyze different drawings and see how information is referenced throughout a set of Construction Documents.
  • Evaluate the similarities between all sets of construction documents submitted for building permits.
  • Recognize the need for consistency in presenting information in all types of Construction Documents.
  • Gain experience understanding how 3D model presentations within a set of construction documents makes the construction documents easier to understand the project.


Internet Bandwidth

Throughout your studies at VDCI, it is very important that you have access to good-quality Internet bandwidth with a download speed of 10 Mbps.

Discussion Forums

There are two discussion forums for the course, the Student Forum and the Graded Forum.

The Student Forum is for you to interact with your fellow classmates, to discuss issues you are having, and get to know one other much like you would in a classroom environment.

The Graded Discussion Forum requires an initial post and a response to another student. These will be part of your final grade.  The first discussion post is due on the first Monday of the course cycle at 11:59 PM (PST). Your second discussion post must be a response to another student, and it is due by the end of the course.

VDCI Student Lounge

The VDCI Student Lounge is open to all VDCI Students and Alumni. In the Student Lounge, you are welcome to ask general questions to your VDCI colleagues. Instructors and VDCI staff regularly chime in. This is a great center of engagement for our VDCI community.

Course Lessons

Students will receive a detailed syllabus once they are enrolled in the course.

Lesson 1 - Equivalent of five (5) On-Site Clock Hours
Students become familiar with the architectural drawings for a mixed-use project. Topics Covered include: Architectural Drawings: Cover Sheet; Sheet Index; Abbreviations; Review of Plans, Elevations and Sections; Review of Scale; Floor Plan (two presentations); Reflected Ceiling Plan; Building Elevations; Building Axonometrics; Building Sections; Wall Sections; Wall Types (three presentations); Enlarged Unit Plans; Enlarged Bathroom Plans; Enlarged Lobby Drawings; Door Schedule and Door Types; Enlarged Stair Plans and Sections; Elevator Drawings; Enlarged Elevator Drawings; Parking Lot Striping Plan; Review of Occupancy and Egress

  • PROJECT: Blueprints (CDs) for Mixed-Use Commercial Project

Lesson 2 - Equivalent of five (5) On-Site Clock Hours
Students become familiar with the interior design, civil and structural engineering drawings for a mixed-use project. Topics Covered include: Interior Design Drawings: Finish Schedule; Ceiling and Wall Finish Plan; Millwork Details (two presentations) Civil Drawings: Demolition Plan; Review of Metes and Bounds; Site Plan; Grading and Drainage Plan; Utilities Plan; Civil Detail Drawings; Landscape Plan Structural Drawings: Structural General Notes; Structural 3D View; Foundation Plan; Structural Framing Reinforcement; Structural Sections and Details; Foundation Schedule and Details; Structural Schedule, Sections and Details; Slab Sections and Details

  • PROJECT: Blueprints (CDs) for Mixed-Use Commercial Project

Lesson 3 - Equivalent of Equivalent of five (5) On-Site Clock Hours
Students become familiar with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, drawings for a mixed-use project. Topics Covered include: Mechanical Drawings: Abbreviations, Legends and Notes; Mechanical Plans (three presentations); Mechanical Guest Room Plan; Mechanical Schedules; Mechanical Details Electrical Drawings: Electrical Notes and Legends; Power Plan (three presentations); Lighting Plan; Guest Room Plan; Power and Lighting Partial Plan; Electrical Riser; Electrical Schedules; Electrical Details Plumbing Drawings: Plumbing Legend; Plumbing Plans (five presentations); Guest Room Plumbing Plan; Enlarged Laundry Plumbing Plan; Riser Designation Areas Plan; Sanitary Riser Plan; Partial Plans and Risers; Plumbing Schedules; Plumbing Details

  • PROJECT: Blueprints (CDs) for Mixed-Use Commercial Project

Lesson 4 - Equivalent of five (5) On-Site Clock Hours
Students become familiar with the technology drawings and project specifications for a mixed-use project. Topics Covered include: Technology Drawings: Technology Legends and Symbols; Technology Plans (three presentations); Technology Guest Room Plans; Technology Detail Drawings; Technology Coax Cable Riser Diagrams Specifications: Standard Specifications Format; Standard Specifications - Part 01; Standard Specifications - Part 02; Standard Specifications - Part 03

  • PROJECT: Blueprints (CDs) for Mixed-Use Commercial Project


Online Course Start Dates

Please click here to see the online course schedule. Online courses begin every three weeks, on a Friday and are 18-days long.

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