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Construction Management Fundamentals Bundle

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There is an immense amount of information to absorb over a lifetime in construction. Kick off your career with a course proven to set you up for success in the industry. The fundamentals, the tips and tricks, terminology, the things that will give anyone a head-start in the industry.

  • Learn an overview of the construction industry.
  • Project and Master Planning.
  • Industry Sectors.
  • Design vs. Construction.
  • Scheduling and Contracts
  • Site Logistics, Phasing, Submittals, Document Control, and more.

Courses Included

The courses listed below are included in this training bundle. Each course will be scheduled one at a time in the sequence listed. Each course will be scheduled immediately after one another, unless requested otherwise.

CFC 121 Construction Management I

Construction Management I (20 Clock Hours) – In the first part of the Construction Management Fundamentals series, you will learn how a construction project is managed from start to finish.

In this first part, learn an overview of the construction industry along with some specifics, including the key players and roles in the industry, design vs. construction, the life-cycle of a project, Master Planning, financing a project, and Project Planning. Also learn about payment and procurement options, quantifying and managing risk, as well as insurance and bonds.

CFC 122 Construction Management II

Construction Management II (20 Clock Hours) – In the second part of the Construction Management Fundamentals course series, you'll learn about cost estimating and scheduling concepts, earthwork estimating and construction contracts.

Specific topics include breaking down an estimate, when to use different types of estimates, scheduling using the Activity on Node Method, earthwork volume calculations and contract fundamentals.

Additionally, you'll learn the important project plans which must be in place and utilized. You'll also learn the typical tasks required to administer a project. Specific topics include safety plans, quality plans, site logistics plans, phasing plans, stormwater management plans, document control, submittals, RFI's, issue management and jobsite records. This course will set you up for success for the day-to-day requirements on a project.

Can I work at my own pace?

Yes. You can work at your own pace. Each course is 18 days long. You will have two weeks and three weekends to complete the course. There are set deliverable schedules which are addressed in the course syllabus.

Online Course Start Dates

Please click here to see the online course schedule. Online courses begin every three weeks. Courses begin on a Friday and are 18-days long.

Software & Internet Bandwidth

There is not any software required for these courses other than Adobe Acrobat, which is included on your computer. Throughout your studies at VDCI, it is very important that you have access to good-quality Internet bandwidth with a download speed of 10 Mbps.

Program Prerequisites for Successful Completion

Our classes are fast-track, accelerated courses. If you have ANY CONCERNS about your computer competency, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you improve your computer skills before attending the class.

Bundle Prerequisites


  • All students are expected to have a working ability to read in English and an interest in learning the workflow of how a building is designed and built, the roles played by the team members and the workflow of the disciplines involved in constructing the building.


  • There is no software required for this course. You will need to have access to a computer or smart device which can reliably stream our course videos. An internet connection of 10 mbps or higher is recommended.

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Materials Required


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  • No textbook required




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