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Blueprint Reading

Learn from a Licensed Architect

100% of the people in the Construction Industry need to know how to read blueprint drawings.

  • Blueprint Reading Classes are CLOSED CAPTIONED.
  • Classes are Hands-On, Real-World, Project-Based & Instructor-Led.
  • VDCI has been teaching A/E/C Professionals since 1997.
  • Earn your Blueprint Reading Certificate & Digital Badge.

Blueprint Reading

Next course cycle begins: Friday, January 24, 2020

PFC 101

Introduction to Blueprint Reading

Start at the very beginning. Learn from a licensed architect about drawing types, scale and about the relationships between drawings. You will learn how to read and understand how a set of blueprint construction drawings are put together. The course materials are from real-world projects.

10 Clock Hours

PFC 102

Blueprint Reading for Commercial Construction

Learn from a licensed architect how to read blueprint drawings for a mixed-use commercial project which includes hotel, retail and parking. Review the architectural and all engineering drawings. Learn about project specifications. The course materials are from real-world projects.

20 Clock Hours