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Supporting our Students & their Career Education

The number one priority at VDCI is supporting our students with an amazingly talented, conscientious and courteous staff. We want to provide the best and most appropriate career education services -- to help our students succeed.

There are two “typical” ways that current and former students join the VDCI Team – (a) becoming a Teacher Assistant (TA) for our onsite and online courses or (b) joining our Admissions, Student Services and/or Financial Aid team.

VDCI Faculty & Staff

Become a VDCI Teacher’s Assistant (TA)

VDCI is always keeping our eyes open, looking for TAs to support our onsite and online students. We always welcome our most qualified students to become a Teacher’s Assistant. This is the best way to advance in a career within the educational or business training fields.

In our onsite courses, we look for students who are developing strong technical skills, and who have a natural affinity for helping people. Depending on our upcoming needs, we invite students to join us as TAs for the upcoming cycle of courses. Frequently, our TAs join us for about a year.

When we are teaching you online, we look for students who are doing well in their courses, who proactively communicate with their instructor and who are engaged in their courses’ Student Discussion Forums.

We invite our best students to apply to be an online TA.

The online TAs are a front-line support person for our instructors. As an online TA, you would engage with our VDCI students in courses which you have already completed, answer front-line questions and you would work closely with our instructional staff.

Get a Job as a Teacher's Assistant

As a TA, you will be provided:

  • Special Discounts on Future Courses
  • Invitations to Training Workshops
  • Included in the first group notified for a workshop
  • Receive Free Course Video Access for completed courses
  • Strengthen your software skills
  • Opportunities to Train Others

To apply to be a VDCI online or onsite TA, please send us an email.

Join the VDCI Admin Team

VDCI offers part-time opportunities to support our administrative staff. As a current or former student, you would work with our administrative team on ongoing projects related to student engagement, student outreach, social media and student outcomes.

To apply to join the Part-Time VDCI Administrative Support Team, please send us an email.

Get a Job as an Administrative Team Member

Long-Term VDCI Career Opportunities

VDCI is looking for people to join our team who will help us to support our students and to help continue improving our educational programs. We have five administrative divisions at VDCI: Academics, Admissions, Program, Student Services and Student Engagement. If you are interested in learning more about the positions we have available, please send us an email.