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The online Revit MEP Professional Training Bundle is geared towards students who want to pursue careers in the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) fields. Begin with the fundamentals of Revit and BIM and progress into the MEP-specifics of using Revit MEP tools in the BIM process. These courses will also prepare you to take the Revit MEP Certified User Certification Exam.

Your class is taught by an Autodesk Certified Instructor who also uses Revit MEP professionally. Our classes are hands-on, real-world, project-based and instructor-led. We have strong student engagement.

You will learn the skills and workflows which are practiced professionally by MEP engineers and support staff.

Courses Included

Introduction to Revit (20 Clock Hours) – Designing 3D models that simultaneously document the project in schedules and 2D architectural drawings.

Explore the Building Information Modeling (BIM) interface. Design a 3D building model to explain how information is inter-related throughout the BIM model. Integrate building components into a 3D model and develop construction document sheets from that model. Develop a project which includes stairs and “feature architectural designs” to strengthen BIM modeling skill sets.

Intermediate Revit (20 Clock Hours) – Utilizing the family editor to create 2D and 3D components, refining graphics, and construction documentation.

Integrate DWG files to create Revit details and plan views for subsequent sheet layout. Tag elements for cost estimation and material take-offs. Create 3D parametric families and show alternate views of 3D objects in plan and elevation views. Build customized door, window, and materials schedules. Explore BIM management by creating an abbreviated set of construction documents.

Revit MEP 1 (30 Clock Hours) - Designing HVAC, plumbing, piping and electrical systems in Revit.

Create MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) systems using Revit MEP for the use of construction documents and construction coordination. Implement workflow strategies in Revit MEP for efficient use of the software. Produce construction documents from the model file. Demonstrate work-sharing and how it can be implemented for larger projects.

Revit MEP 2 (20 Clock Hours) - Developing Construction Documents for HVAC, plumbing, piping and electrical systems in Revit.

Explore the methodologies for turning a MEP building model into construction documents that can be used for construction. Apply workflow strategies for efficient use of a BIM Model. Label building components using annotative elements to create a sheet view that can be used for construction documents. Produce a set of working construction documents with annotations, detail callouts, and general notes.

Introduction to Navisworks (20 Clock Hours) – Running object-interference checks on 3D models, creating 4D simulations, interactive animations, and photorealistic renderings using Navisworks.

Explore the methodologies for integrating Revit, 3D AutoCAD and compatible software programs into a Navisworks 3D model which can be used to create clash detection between various structural and MEP systems. Apply workflow strategies for efficient use of integrating various BIM models into clash detection analysis models. Create timeline animations representing 4D construction modeling and scheduling. Produce and resolve time-based clash detection reports which will minimize on-site construction change order requests.

The courses listed above are included in this training bundle. Each course will be scheduled one at a time in the sequence listed. Each course will be scheduled immediately after one another, unless requested otherwise.

Can I work at my own pace?

Yes. You can work at your own pace. Each course is 18 days long. You will have two weeks and three weekends to complete the course. There are set deliverable schedules which are addressed in the course syllabus.

Online Course Start Dates

Please click here to see the online course schedule. Online courses begin every three weeks. Courses begin on a Friday and are 18-days long.

Free Access to the Software

While you are a student at VDCI, you will be provided free access to the software needed to participate in your course. Throughout your studies at VDCI, it is very important that you have access to good-quality Internet bandwidth with a download speed of 10 Mbps.

Program Prerequisites for Successful Completion

Our classes are fast-track, accelerated courses. If you have ANY CONCERNS about your computer competency, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you improve your computer skills before attending the class.

Bundle Prerequisites


  • Fundamental working knowledge of the Windows environment.



  • Competency in reading and writing English
  • All course training is in English. That includes oral, written, media-based and other administrative communication.


  • This Training Bundle can be paid in full or paid with an initial and then 4 more payments of $420.00 every 30 days from the date of purchase. Payment plans are based on one course at a time. For a more accelerated schedule, please contact registrar@vdci.edu or call 619-758-9300.

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