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Learn the fundamentals of 2D in AutoCAD and then advance into the exciting world of working with AutoCAD in 3D. AutoCAD has always been a fully 3D program, though most people use it only for 2D. Learn to work with solids, surfaces and booleans to create your design projects in AutoCAD 3D.

The online AutoCAD 3D training class Bundle courses is instructor-led by an Autodesk Certified Instructor who works with AutoCAD 2D & 3D on a daily basis. Learn real-world, project-based applications of 3D modeling using AutoCAD. Start at the very beginning with 2D AutoCAD. Learn the AutoCAD user interface. As you progress you will gain confidence in using all of the 3D modeling tools available in this online AutoCAD 3D training class tutorial bundle.

In this online AutoCAD 3D Modeling Classes Training Bundle, you will model a 3D building, site, furniture and props. Bring everything together on a deliverable sheet file. Learn to create cameras to get the view that you want.

Courses Included

The courses listed below are included in this training bundle. Each course will be scheduled one at a time in the sequence listed. Each course will be scheduled immediately after one another, unless requested otherwise.

Introduction to AutoCAD (30 Clock Hours) – Familiarizes students with basic AutoCAD commands while developing a floor plan for a single family residential home.

Create drafting symbols, kitchen and bath fixtures, a floor plan and integrate all information into one deliverable sheet file. Distinguish the differences required to generate drawings for use as annotation and real-world model components. Create and insert blocks and externally reference files, and determine the appropriate times to apply those skill sets. Master file management, drafting on layers, integrating drawing component files and plotting while creating on the class residential project.

Intermediate AutoCAD (30 Clock Hours) – Developing and assembling a set of 2D design construction documents.

Create an abbreviated set of construction documents including floor plan, foundation plan, electrical plan and building elevations for a small residential project. Create and insert blocks, externally reference files and determine the appropriate times to apply those skill sets to optimize project efficiency. Demonstrate layer and file management, external file referencing, use of model/layout environments and user coordinate systems. Apply intermediate-level skills including layer management, user coordinate system development, creating sheet layout environments and plotting.

Introduction to 3D Modeling - Recommended - (30 Clock Hours) - This course focuses on three-dimensional commands and procedures, focusing on the needs in the construction industry.

Create 3D building model by extracting information from 2D architectural plans and elevations. Master manipulation through various user coordinate environments and user defined views. Create 3D model including 3D topographic site and other relevant site components using modeling commands and tools, including surfaces, solids, lofts and Booleans. Integrate 3D site, building and site furnishings using 3D modeling and 3D editing commands into one presentation model. Generate numerous perspective views of 3D model environment for presentation on deliverable sheet files.

Intermediate 3D Modeling (30 Clock Hours) - This course introduces more advanced 3D modeling tools, focusing on the need to populate 3D environments with props.

Develop 3D models from 2D plan / elevation / section drawings. Create solids and surfaces using more advanced 3D modeling techniques. Acquire relevant, advanced 3D modeling skills. Assess the most logical workflow to complete the 3D modeling tasks.

Program Prerequisites for Successful Completion

Fundamental working knowledge of the Windows environment.

Our classes are fast-track, accelerated courses. If you have ANY CONCERNS about your computer competency, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you improve your computer skills before attending the class.

Online Course Start Dates

Please click here to see the online course schedule. Online courses begin every three weeks. Courses begin on a Friday and are 18-days long.

Bundle Prerequisites


  • Fundamental working knowledge of the Windows environment.



  • This Training Bundle can be paid in full or paid with an initial and then 3 more payments of $361.25 every 30 days from the date of purchase. Payment plans are based on one course at a time. For a more accelerated schedule, please contact registrar@vdci.edu or call 619-758-9300.

Free Access to the Software

While you are a student at VDCI, you will be provided free access to the software needed to participate in your course. Throughout your studies at VDCI, it is very important that you have access to good-quality Internet bandwidth with a download speed of 10 Mbps.

Materials Required


  • AutoCAD





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