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Student Success Stories

John O'Malley, AIA

John graduated from VDCI in 2011 with a CAD/BIM Certificate. Now, John is a licensed architect and works in San Diego - without an industry-related degree!

John worked in the construction industry as a laborer on the field. He had a little experience working with plans in the field but knew nothing about drafting or blueprint creation so he decided to take a program that focused on AutoCAD and construction documents to learn these essential skills. John utilizes (and trains his staff) the skills he learned at VDCI daily, still to this day!

Ria Martinson

Formerly an interior designer and design consultant, Ria was looking for a way to get into the technical side of the industry. After researching different programs, she found VDCI's CAD/BIM Program. It was VDCI's reputation and the fact that the program was accredited that gave her the confidence to enroll. Ria is now working as a CAD/BIM Technician for an engineering firm that focuses on Government, Residential, and Commercial projects.

Emori Smith

When Emori decided she wanted to focus on a long-term career, she decided she wanted to learn civil drafting and survey work. After extensive school research, she chose VDCI over the traditional college degree because she was confident she would receive the hands-on training she needed at a very reasonable price. She took Civil 3D as course electives from the CAD Certificate Program.

Ryan Miller

Being a single father and working in a very remote area, Ryan needed a training program that could be completed 100% online. The CAD/BIM program gave him the flexibility and instructional support he needed. Ryan learned he could run the AutoCAD program to create professional construction plans for engineers to buy out. He now works for NASA building hardware that goes up in the ISS.

Donahue Chase

Having a background in AutoCAD with his current employer, Donahue realized he needed to learn Revit Architecture in order to implement BIM into future projects at his company. He chose the BIM Certificate Program because it was offered online and it was accredited. He learned most from completing the final project where he had to put together a construction plan together from scratch.

Alumni Advice

What are our alumni saying?

What was your favorite aspect of the training?

My favorite aspect was working with Revit. I think that program is awesome! I love to do the whole build, but I actually enjoy adding the electrical and connecting it all up in the drawing. It really gives me a great understanding of how electrical works, even though I am not an electrician.

How did the training help with your current career?

VDCI training courses definitely helped me get a job in the field. At the moment, I work as an architectural technician, and I have been using part of what I learned from their courses. A lot of what I learned in Revit when taking Revit courses at VDCI have been translated into my job with success.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

Absorb all you can. Enjoy the courses as I did so you really get a full understanding. Do more than you have to so you really learn the programs.