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Social Media and Networking

Student engagement and student involvement are an important part of the VDCI experience. Over time, as we have spoken with our students, we have learned that students regularly recommend their CAD, BIM, C3D and other courses to their friends and colleagues. As a way of saying “thank you” to our students who recommend our Courses, Training Bundles and Technology Certificates to their friends, we offer the VDCI Course “Referred By” Program.

  • The VDCI Referral Program

    You can refer your friends and colleagues to any of our courses, bundles and certificate programs -- and we'll send you a wonderful gift!\.

    Here’s how you can participate. When you refer a friend or colleague to learn at VDCI, when your friend makes their purchase, they can enter your Student ID number into the “Referred By” area when they check out. For individual courses, we will send you a gift equivalent to a $20.00 Amazon Gift card after your friend completes the course. For training bundles, we will send you a $40.00 Amazon gift equivalent after your friend completes their first course. If you refer someone to a Certificate Program -- then we're really talking!

    There is no end date for the “Referred By” program. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

  • VDCI Social Engagement

    Get involved with VDCI through our social media outlets. Keep yourself informed on industry trends, student successes, available careers, class discounts, and more! We have our VDCI Student Forum -- where current and past students connect up with one another to help everyone learn more -- and we also have our VDCI LinkedIn Alumni Group, where we regularly post job opportunities.

    Connect with Us!

  • Discount Coupons

    VDCI provides many opportunities for you to discount the cost of your training. Enrolling in a training bundle saves you up to 15%. Enrolling in a technology certificate program saves you up to 25%. When you purchase two courses at one time, you save 10%. Enroll in three courses and save 12.5%. Enroll in four or more courses and save 15%.

    The VDCI staff can always create custom bundles for you - to let you target your training needs beyond the available training bundles. Please email learn@vdci.edu.

  • VDCI LinkedIn Alumni Group

    The VDCI LinkedIn Alumni Group is dedicated to serving our former accomplished students who have shown excellence in the completion of their CAD/BIM/C3D/Visualization Training Bundle or their VDCI Technology Certificate Program.

    In our VDCI Alumni LinkedIn Group, we provide exclusive connections to professionals and businesses in the construction industry who are looking to hire. We also provide customized discounts for those interested in continuing their education at VDCI.

    Once you have completed a training bundle or a technology certificate program, scoring an 85% or higher, you may apply to be part of the VDCI Alumni LinkedIn group. Please email learn@vdci.com.