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The VDCI Referral Program

Student engagement and student involvement are an important part of the VDCI experience. Over time, as we have spoken with our students, we have learned that students regularly recommend their CAD, BIM, C3D and other courses to their friends and colleagues. As a way of saying “thank you” to our students who recommend our Courses, Training Bundles and Technology Certificates to their friends, we offer the VDCI Course “Referred By” Program.

You can refer your friends and colleagues to any of our courses, bundles and certificate programs.

Here’s how you can participate. When you refer a friend or colleague to learn at VDCI, when your friend makes their purchase, they can enter your Student ID number into the “Referred By” area when they check out. For individual courses, we will send you a $10.00 Amazon Gift card after your friend completes the course. For training bundles, we will send you a $30.00 Amazon Gift card after your friend completes their first course.

There is no end date for the “Referred By” program. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

Get involved with VDCI through our social media outlets. Keep yourself informed on industry trends, student successes, available careers, class discounts, and more!

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  • Discount Coupons

    VDCI provides many opportunities for you to discount the cost of your training. Enrolling in a training bundle saves you up to 15%. Enrolling in a technology certificate program saves you up to 25%. When you purchase two courses at one time, you save 10%. Enroll in three courses and save 12.5%. Enroll in four or more courses and save 15%.

    The VDCI staff can always create custom bundles for you - to let you target your training needs beyond the available training bundles. Please email learn@vdci.edu.

  • Join the VDCI Team

    VDCI is adding new staff positions on a regular basis. Please consider joining our team and help us support our students with the best and most appropriate education to help them to be successful.

    There are three “typical” ways that current and former students join the VDCI Team – (a) becoming an Autodesk Student Expert, (b) becoming a Teacher Assistant (TA) for our onsite and online courses and (c) providing administrative support for our Admissions, Student Services and/or Financial Aid staff.

  • Become an Autodesk Student Expert

    After you have completed several courses at VDCI, we strongly encourage that you join the Autodesk Student Experts Program and become an Autodesk Student Expert. VDCI is actively engaged in the Autodesk Student Experts program.

    Please click here to learn more about the Student Expert Program.

    “The Student Experts Community gave me the chance to develop many skills - especially teaching and lecturing besides the profound software knowledge I gained - what I enjoyed very much. The knowledge in Autodesk Revit gave me many good opportunities to work already during my studies.” - Angelika H.

    “Being an Autodesk Student Expert has spurred me to start a CAD club at my university, through which I have met a great group of people who share my interests. Together, we teach CAD classes, participate in CAD and design competitions, and experiment with 3D printers.” - Daniele G.

    "I consider the Autodesk Student Expert Program to be the utmost valuable experience as student, a place like no-where on internet, it been a great resource to enhance my network and skills by participating on event, and projects with Autodesk and Partner’s. Also, been active in this global community and the ongoing support of Autodesk team has enhanced my profile towards employability." - Karam B.

    Please talk with our administrative staff to learn more about participating in the VDCI / Autodesk Student Experts Program.

    To apply to be a VDCI Student Expert, please email learn@vdci.com.

  • Become a VDCI Teacher’s Assistant (TA)

    VDCI is always looking for TAs, to support our onsite and online students. We always welcome our most qualified students to become a Teacher’s Assistant. This is the best way to advance in a career within the educational or business training fields.

    In our onsite courses, we look for students who are developing strong technical skills, and who have a natural affinity for helping people. Depending on our upcoming needs, we invite students to join us as TAs for the upcoming cycle of courses. Frequently, our TAs join us for about a year.

    When we are teaching you online, we look for students who are doing well in their courses, who proactively communicate with their instructor and who are engaged in their courses’ Student Discussion Forums. The online TAs are a front-line support person for our instructors. As an online TA, you would be engaging with our VDCI students in courses which you have already completed, answering front-line questions about the curriculum. You will be working closely with our instructional staff.

    As a TA, you will be provided access to the same VDCI resources with we provide to our VDCI Alumni:

    1. Access to the VDCI Virtual Citrix Environment
    2. Special Discounts on Courses
    3. Invitations to Training Workshops
    4. Included in the first group notified for a workshop
    5. Free Course Video Access
    6. Opportunities to Train Others

    To apply to be a VDCI Onsite or Online TA, please email learn@vdci.edu.

  • Become a Part-Time VDCI Administrative Support Member

    VDCI offers part-time opportunities to support our administrative staff. As a current or former student, you would work with our administrative team on ongoing projects related to student engagement, student outreach, social media and student outcomes.

    To apply to join the Part-Time VDCI Administrative Support Team, please email learn@vdci.edu.

  • Long-Term VDCI Career Opportunities

    VDCI is looking for people to join our team who will help us to support our students and to help continue improving our educational programs. We have five administrative divisions at VDCI: Academics, Admissions, Student Services, Financial Aid and Marketing. If you are interested in learning more about the positions we have available, please email learn@vdci.edu.

  • VDCI LinkedIn Alumni Group

    The VDCI LinkedIn Alumni Group is dedicated to serving our former accomplished students who have shown excellence in the completion of their CAD/BIM/C3D/Visualization Training Bundle or their VDCI Technology Certificate Program.

    In our VDCI Alumni LinkedIn Group, we provide exclusive connections to professionals and businesses in the construction industry who are looking to hire. We also provide customized discounts for those interested in continuing their education at VDCI.

    Once you have completed a training bundle or a technology certificate program, scoring an 85% or higher, you may apply to be part of the VDCI Alumni LinkedIn group. Please email learn@vdci.edu.