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Learning Online at VDCI

Instructor-led Courses

Connect with your instructor and your classmates.

  • Courses are Real-World, Project-Based.
  • Courses are taught by working professionals, who use AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D and other related software programs every day.
  • Develop the same skills online that you would develop onsite.
  • Three weekends & two weeks to complete each course.
  • Each course is eighteen days long.

  • Get to know your classmates & alumni in our Student Lounge.
  • Learn from your instructor when it is convenient for you.
  • Stay in touch with your instructor through the messaging system, discussion forums, screen sharing and webinars.
  • VDCI courses are created by licensed architects & engineers.

Project-Based CAD, BIM & VDC Career Education

Training Bundles

Our training bundles are available for both online and onsite classes and allow our students to tailor their career education. You can choose an existing bundle, or create your own. Interest-free payment plans are available.

Technology Certificates

VDCI is nationally accredited. Our Technology Certificates are real-world, project-based career education programs. Get hands-on experience with the software used today in the construction industry.

Benefits of Learning Online at VDCI

  • Access course materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere you have web access.
  • Bypass the daily commute and expenses involved with attending onsite classes.
  • Communicate with your instructor, classmates and/or VDCI alumni at any time using the VDCI Discussion Forums, VDCI Student Portal’s messaging platform and the VDCI Student Lounge.
  • Concentrate more - Eliminate any distractions that would have occurred from other students in an onsite class.

  • Dive into your online educational freedom.
  • Enhance your ability to communicate effectively using today’s latest technology.
  • Flexible schedule - Extremely helpful if you’re balancing your education with work and family life.
  • Have free access to the software you need to complete your class projects.

  • Improve your skills - Show your desire to get ahead to your employer.
  • Learn at your own pace while meeting specific deadlines.
  • Participate in class discussions or chats more easily than face-to-face, if you are a more reserved person.
  • Strengthen your professional skills after work hours - avoid the rush hour commute.

  • VDCI brings the in-person feel of our onsite classes into our online classes.

VDCI Student Comments about Learning Online

Here are a few comments from our online students, talking about their experiences learning online at VDCI. We also include Course Review comments for each specific course on the course’s Review Page.

This is a great course for people that don't know AutoCAD or just want to brush up on their knowledge! I would recommend this program to all my student and professional friends. Garrett M.
Thank you for the excellent training. I will definitely be able to apply this course toward my current career and become more valuable and efficient in my profession as a result. Michael S.
I enjoyed the course and learned a good amount of information that will help me pass the Civil 3D certification exam. Michael C.
I was very pleased with the course and Instructor helped me a lot and sharpen skills. Jose H.
A very engaging class, instructor is versed in the material and explains it well, and the software is amazing. Richard D.
I very much enjoy working with and learning AutoCAD software at VDCI. The Instructors are very thorough and the videos are well done as well. I look forward to building upon my skills in AutoCAD 301 starting next week. Matthew S.
I have a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and I taught med school for 10 years so I have a lot of experience in academia. I took AutoCAD 101 and 201 with Tyler Grant and HE IS AWESOME! He is thorough and detail oriented. He walked us through everything step-by-step and made sure we understood and stayed on track. He took the additional time needed to keep everyone engaged and answer any questions people had. He also made learning AutoCAD fun! I'm so grateful to have had such an amazing instructor. Cortney H.
Tyler was a great teacher. Tyler has three attributes that stand out that other teachers or trainers should learn. Brevity, Clarity and concise. I had a great time and am looking forward to the next courses. Vincent M.
I love the way that the instructor is patient and he tries his best to make sure all students are on the same page and understand the material. I hope it’ll be the same for our next upcoming courses! ;) Maral D.
Excellent class, superb teaching. Looking forward to continuing with this schooling. Tim H.
Excellent course! I learned so much. The information was easy to access, and instructions/information was delivered in such a way that I could complete my work outside of the classroom setting. Rachel G.
Awesome program and instructors! Very professional at all levels and I would definitely recommend this course to others. Armando B.
The instructor was very clear and patient with all the students. Excellent overall presentation of material and would highly recommend to others. Juan R.
Before taking this class, I had no AUTOCAD experience at all. I had never done any projects or basic drafting with it. However, after completing this course (about 5 classes) I can say that I obtained very useful and beneficial skills that I can apply to school, work, etc. I am very pleased with the class, the instructor and the drafting projects we did. Thanks! Valerie V.
Overall very satisfied with this course! I wish I had taken it sooner! Sarah D.
I've already recommended this program to a colleague with a similar background, as well as other courses offered by these teachers because they've been so great. Stephanie C.

VDCI Instructor Comments about Learning Online

Here are a few comments from our online instructors, talking about their experiences teaching online at VDCI.

It is so rewarding to receive an email from a student saying something like, “Thank you for teaching me so much. Because of you and your fellow instructors, I have gotten a new job, a raise, and I’m able to take better care of my family.” When VDCI ventured into offering our courses and programs online a few years ago, I never expected to have such warm friendships with so many of my online students. They work hard. They ask me great questions. They are succeeding, and I’m honored to be a part of their professional growth and development. Al Whitley AutoCAD
At the office, we do a whole lot of work with Revit, working on complicated projects like hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and educational campuses. I love working with Revit, I love teaching and I love sharing my experiences with my students. I also really like it when they send me a message, or call me, and we discuss different ways to solve different Revit situations. Even though we don’t always meet in person, my students and I are always in contact. It’s fun and my students are great! Tyler Grant Revit
I am personally and professionally committed to using Revit and Navisworks in my architectural projects. As a practicing professional, I truly enjoy sharing my experience with my students. It’s wonderful when my students will send me a message and tell me how much the skills they are learning at VDCI are helping them out. It’s great to make a difference in someone’s life. Trevor Cornell Navisworks
I work at a relatively large architectural firm which specializes in biotech. We use Revit all the time. When I am developing the courses for VDCI, I always put on my professional hat and make sure that I’m incorporating the latest and greatest tools and workflows into my courses. My students obviously really like that. They are regularly telling me how they are bringing the project workflows they learned in my classes into their offices and companies. Mike Wilson Revit
I’m a Civil Engineer, and use Civil 3D all the time at my office. It’s a great software program, and is so capable. When I’m teaching at VDCI, my students are actively engaged. They ask some great questions, and I do my best to provide them some great answers. My students really take advantage of the VDCI Student Forum. It seems that they are always ... Michael Kinnear Civil 3D