A Nationally Accredited Educational Institution

Student Orientation

Computer Hardware Recommendations

Please click here to learn the system hardware requirements for the software program(s) for your course(s).

We recommend that you have two monitors -- one which will display the VDCI Student Portal and the other will display the software program you are learning.

    Preparing for the VDCI Learning Experience

    All onsite and online students registered for their course will receive their “Welcome to Class” email on the Friday before their course begins. This allows students to set up their course folder on their local computer, download the required files, setup their software access, and become familiar with the VDCI Student Portal before the course formally opens on Monday.

    Setup Local Course Folder

    It is recommended that you keep all of your course materials in one folder. As such, it is preferred for our students to create a folder on their “Local C Drive” and that they populate the required VDCI files into that folder.

    Required Files

    Once a student has successfully logged into the VDCI Student Portal, they will be instructed to download the required data sets (project files) onto their computer. VDCI provides data sets that the student will work on in their course. Please save the ZIP file in your Download folder, and move the contents of the ZIP file into your Local Course Folder

    Dual Monitors

    It is recommended that you use two monitors when taking your courses at VDCI. You can use the software on one monitor and watch your course videos on the other monitor.

    Software Access

    Single Enrollment Students: Students signing up for a single course will follow the instructions to download the 30-day trial of their required software. Instructions on how to setup the software can be found inside the course materials within the Student Portal.

    Multiple course, Training Bundle and Technology Certificate Students: Students who are matriculating students at a nationally or regionally accredited College, University, or Trade School, or who are enrolled in California BPPE-approved and Nationally Accredited Program (VDCI multiple course, Training Bundle or Technology Certificate Program) are authorized by Autodesk to use the Autodesk software which is provided through the Autodesk Education Community software access program. Instructions on how to setup the software can be found inside the course materials within the Student Portal

    Autodesk Educational Community Software

    Access to the Autodesk Education Community Software is exclusively for Educational Purposes. Please visit the link, to learn the specifics about the Autodesk Education Community Software program. The following pertains:

    Autodesk Definition of Educational Purposes: Generally “Educational Purposes” means (i) in the case of a Qualified Educational Institution, Faculty or Other Authorized Educational Licensees, purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research and development that are part of the instructional functions performed by a Qualified Educational Institution or Other Authorized Educational Licensee and (ii) in the case of Students, purposes related to learning, training, research or development. “Educational Purposes” does not include commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes. Please see the license agreement or terms of service that applies to the product or service you are licensing and/or using for all specific terms, conditions and definitions.

    If you satisfy the requirements provided in this afore-mentioned link, then you are entitled to use the Autodesk Education Software programs. Please note: When you completed the cadteacher | VDCI enrollment agreement, you confirmed having familiarized yourself with the terms of this Autodesk Education Software requirements.

    The following is the link to access the Autodesk Education Software.