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Autodesk Certification

Autodesk Certification is internationally recognized

"Autodesk Certification is a must for engineering professionals and companies like the multinational company WSP. It sets a standard benchmark of knowledge we can rely upon when hiring or forming project teams."

Rebecca Arsham, CADD Training Manager, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Autodesk Certification is an internationally-recognized validation of your success.  Today, many employers require that their new hires have earned their Autodesk Certification.  VDCI has purposefully incorporated Autodesk Certification Objectives into our courses.   

Purchase your Autodesk Certification Exam

Autodesk Certification Exams must be taken in person, at a Certiport Testing Center.  VDCI is one of the leading Autodesk Certiport Testing Centers in North America. When you are ready to take your Autodesk Certification Exam, please let us know and we will help you coordinate taking your Exam at either our campus or at another Certiport Testing Center.

You can purchase your Exam Voucher from either Certiport or from VDCI | cadteacher. They're the same price. If you purchase your Exam Voucher from VDCI | cadteacher, all costs are included. If you purchase from Certiport, we charge an additional $45.00 sitting fee. We need to do that because of the labor time it takes to prepare for your visit and to proctor you during the exam. So save some money and purchase your Exam Voucher from VDCI. It's the same price that you would pay Certiport. When you purchase from VDCI, we include the sitting fees.

Please click here to purchase your Autodesk Certification Exam Voucher from VDCI.  

Please click here to purchase your VDCI Exam Sitting Fee. This is only required of people who have purchased their Certification Exam Voucher from Certiport or from a Certiport Testing Center other than VDCI.  

Autodesk Certification Roadmap Links:

The following Roadmaps will help you learn more about the Autodesk Certification Exam objectives.

Learn More About Autodesk Certification

Save money and purchase your Exam Voucher from VDCI | cadteacher - but visit the Certiport Website to learn about the various exam options. We recommend purchasing the exam with a retake:

Enroll in the Autodesk Certification Exam Prep Classes

We want you to help you to succeed.  VDCI offers online Autodesk Certification Exam Test Prep courses. Please click on one of the following links to learn more about the VDCI Certification Exam Test Prep classes.