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FREE Fusion 360 Essentials Workshop





Free Fusion 360 Workshop

This is the first in our series of Fusion 360 Workshops. The Fusion Essentials Workshop is a basic introduction to Fusion 360. In this workshop we will cover the essential functions included in Fusion 360 - user interface, preferences, the browser and time line the data panel. We will also look at navigating and working in Fusion 360, including customization of the toolbars and marking menu. We will explore sketching, solid modeling, modifying and assemble and other Fusion 360 essentials.

Create your Autodesk Account
Download Fusion 360

There are three very easy steps. Create an Autodesk account, or sign in if you already have an account. Register your education account with a one-click registration, then download Fusion 360 and start designing! Click the file called "Fusion 360 Client Downloaded.exe" to continue with the download. Fusion 360 will then auto-launch once the setup is complete.

Go to this page to register your Autodesk account and download Fusion 360. If your Fusion 360 is on a 30 day trial, go to this page for instructions on how to activate a Student or Enthusiast 3-year license.

Watch the Video

Fusion 360 Essentials Workshop

The VDCI Fusion 360 Essentials Workshop covers the underlying concepts and toolsets which are used throughout Fusion 360. You will want to take this as your first workshop, to make certain that you understand the Fusion 360 User Interface. That includes learning about the Browser, the Timeline, A360, the Data Panel and Fusion 360 Preferences.

We will include a general overview of Fusion 360 and will share information about the sketch tools, sketch constraints, construction planes and also joints and assemblies. We also talk about the difference between components and bodies. This is a great place to start! Thank you for joining us for this workshop!

You will begin this workshop by downloading the datasets (project files), which are in a ZIP file. VDCI recommends that you create a folder for your workshop and name the folder F360-Essentials-Workshop. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into this folder. Then start watching the videos. For this first workshop, it is not necessary for you to recreate the models shown on the videos, but we have provided the datasets if you are interested in doing that. In future workshops, yes, you will be creating the Fusion 360 models which your instructor is teaching you how to create.

It is our goal, after you complete all of the workshops (all of which should be available by January 2018) that you will become proficient with Fusion 360, and that you will take, and pass the Autodesk Fusion 360 Certified User exam.


Download the Datasets

Project Videos

02-Editing Preferences
03-Browser and Timeline
04-Data Panel and A360 Collaboration, Versions/Promote
05-Marking Menu & Toolbox
06-Sketch Tools
07-Sketch Constraints
08-Extrude and Revolve (Editing a Sketch)
09-Fillet and Chamfer, Direct Modeling, Press Pull
11-Joints and As-Built Joints
12-Construction Planes
13-Inspect, Measure, Section Analysis



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