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What are the VDCI Workshops?

The VDCI Fusion 360 Workshops are project-based. Your instructor guides you through short projects, step-by-step.
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VDCI Fusion 360 Essentials Workshop

The VDCI Fusion 360 Essentials Workshop covers the underlying concepts and toolsets which are used throughout Fusion 360. You will want to take this as your first workshop, to make certain that you understand the Fusion 360 User Interface.

VDCI Fusion 360 Design 1 Workshop

Basic Modeling Workshop works through a step-by-step process to create a small desk lamp. This workshop will cover the basic tools and features used for sketch-based, solid modeling and free-form T-Spline modeling.

VDCI Fusion 360 Design 2 Workshop

Parametric Modeling Workshop creates a similar desk lamp that is built in Design 1. In this workshop we will create user parameters, edit sketches and features, at look at other parametric design options in Fusion 360.

Fusion 360

Cloud Powered 3D CAD/CAM Software for Product Design
Fusion 360

Solid and T-Spline Modeling

Quickly iterate on design ideas with sculpting tools to explore form an modeling tools to create finishing features.

Solid & T-Spline Modeling
Engineering Simulation

Simulate your Design

Test fit and motion, perform simulations, create assemblies, make photorealistic renderings and animations.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Create toolpaths to machine your components or use the 3D printing workflow to create a prototype.

Create Toolpaths

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