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Digital Badging & Digital Credentials - FAQs

What is the value of Digital Badges & Digital Credentials?

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a web-enabled version of a certification, or learning outcome, which can be verified online in real time. Digital badges recognize a learning or professional development achievement. Since it is digital, it can be shared across the internet for maximum visibility and recognition.

What is the difference between a digital badge and a digital credential?

Digital credentials and badges are frequently referred to as only “badges”. A digital badge is the static image which is displayed on your LinkedIn page or professional. When you tap on the digital badge, the viewer is taken to a page which contains specific information on what you had to accomplish to receive your digital badge. That information is called metadata.

VDCI has four tiers (levels) of digital badges. The tiers include Technology Certificates, Specialist Career Education Programs, Professional Career Education Programs and Fundamental Career Education Programs. There are individual badges and digital credentials associated with each specific Certificate and Program. The metadata contained in the digital badge lists the specific skillsets and achievements. differentiates the additional level of rigor involved to achieve the Career Education Bundles and Technology Certificate Programs and recognizes the accomplishment as a “digital credential”.

Digital Credentials can only be earned when you satisfy the academic requirements for a VDCI Technology Certificate Program or a VDCI Career Education Bundle, in our Instructor Led Training (ILT).

How does my credential get displayed as a badge?

When you successfully complete a VDCI Certificate Program or Career Education Bundle, VDCI will contact our badging platform provider, Credly. Credly will email you with access to your digital badge. Once you accept your badge, you will have the option to share this digital image that is linked back to detailed metadata on the Credly website.

The metadata included in the digital credential provides detailed information about your certification.

VDCI has partnered with Credly, a badging platform, to translate the learning outcomes you’ve demonstrated into a badge. The technology Credly uses is based on the Open Badge Standards defined by Mozilla. This enables you to manage, share and verify your competencies digitally.

How is a badge valuable to me?

VDCI wants to help you share your skills and tell your professional story online. A digital badge also allows you to securely represent your certification across a growing number of social media outlets and forums.

Employers, potential employers and anyone else with whom you wish to share your certification have single-click access to validated credential information.

Badges can be shared in your email signature, on your electronic resume, and on your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

Our badging platform provider, Credly, also offers labor market insights, based on your skills so you can search and apply for job opportunities right through the Credly platform.

How are Digital Badges & Digital Credentials Issued?

  • Why is VDCI offering digital badges?

    VDCI knows that many people proudly list their certification(s) on their social profiles, email signatures, and other platforms. VDCI is providing digital badges to help you display a visual depiction of your accomplishments. In addition, a digital badge conveys other critical information, such as what it takes to earn the certification(s), key skills you’ve demonstrated, and when you earned the certification(s).

    Badges from Credly display achievements valued by employers and will help you tell your professional story in a way that is complete and validated.

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    Do I need to take my classes for a grade in order to receive a Digital Badge?

    Yes. VDCI provides you a Digital Badge when you have successfully completed all of the courses included in the Digital Badge with a passing grade of 70% (C-). Students auditing a course do not receive a badge. They can contact our Admin Team to have an audited status changed to a graded status. All course deliverables must be submitted to the instructor for grading, and all deliverable due dates must be satisfied.

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    I never received my Digital Badge, can I request one?

    Yes, if you have completed your Technology Certificate or Career Education Training courses within the past four years, and completed all courses with a passing grade of 70% (C-) or better, you can contact VDCI at learn@vdci.edu to request your Digital Badge.

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    What is the relationship between VDCI and Credly?

    VDCI has partnered with Credly to recognize certifications and other learning opportunities in the form of digital badges. Credly works with credible organizations to provide badges to individuals worldwide to promote their skills and achievements.

    The Credly platform provides a secure means of credential management and sharing that adds a layer of protection against those who may falsely accept certifications or credentials.

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    Who is Credly?

    Credly is an internet-based, hosted platform designed to enable educational institutions and qualified companies to issue digital badges and credentials to students who meet prescribed requirements, and for those students to display the Credentials online on the Credly platform or on third party, professional sites, such as LinkedIn. Credly is the world’s leading digital badging and credentialing data maintenance company and also provides labor market insights that can help badge holders explore job opportunities that map to the skillsets identified in the digital credentials.

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    What are labor market insights and how can they be accessed through Credly?

    Labor market insights are pulled from live job openings. Based on your skills you can learn which employers are hiring, what job titles you might be qualified for, salary ranges, and more. You can search active job listings and even apply for them with just a few clicks through Credly. Access the labor market insights from your badge details page by clicking on Related Jobs or by clicking on the skill tags assigned to your badge.

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    How and when will I receive my digital credential or digital badge?

    On an ongoing basis, VDCI will provide Credly a list of students who have successfully completed Technology Certificates or Career Education Training after a course cycle has been completed. When you have qualified to earn a badge, the accomplishment will be processed and the badge will be automatically sent to you within a few days.

    Credly will then reach out to the student via email with instructions for accepting your digital badge and setting up your Credly account.

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I have earned multiple VDCI badges. Do I need to manually accept every badge that I am issued?

No, you can adjust the settings in your account on the Credly platform to automatically accept badges issued to you.

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If I hold credentials from other programs that provide badges on the Credly platform, will all my badges be available in the same Credly account?

Yes. You can manage and share all the badges that are issued to you through Credly within one Credly account.

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How are Digital Badges & Digital Credentials Accepted?

Is there a cost associated with accepting and displaying my VDCI digital badge, or to using the Credly platform?

No. This is a free service VDCI provides to you.

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When and how can I accept my badge?

When you’ve earned your VDCI digital badge, you will receive an email from Credly, inviting you to accept your badge. You will need to create an account on Credly and confirm your email address. Then you’ll be able to accept and share your badge.

You can accept your badge at any time. You can access your badge through any of the badge notification or reminder emails. Or, if you no longer have those emails, you can do so by accessing your Credly account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one on the Credly platform site* using the same email address that VDCI has on file for you. Your badge will be in your account.

*Please note this link will take you to the Credly platform, a third party whose privacy practices differ from VDCI’s. If you provide personal data to Credly, your data is governed by their privacy statement.

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How are Digital Badges & Digital Credentials Shared?

Where can I share my badge?

You can share your badges with anyone you’d like, wherever you’d like: LinkedIn; Facebook; Twitter; Via email; Embedded in a website.

Every credential and profile on Credly has a unique URL that can be embedded on a resume or website. Credly also offers seamless integration with several popular social and professional networking platforms for the display of credentials as badges.

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How do I share open badges on social and professional media?

It is easy to share your badges on social and professional media through Credly. When you accept your badge, you’ll be brought immediately into a sharing workflow that allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, embed in a personal website, or share over email. You will need to connect and authorize your social media accounts through Credly in order to share to those sites.

You can share your badge at any other time by viewing your badge and clicking the blue “Share” button beneath the badge visual.

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How does a LinkedIn profile visually appear if a badge holder has multiple digital credentials, but for different products?

The digital credentials will appear as separate items in the profile and can be distinguished by the name and date range. The digital credential will also be clickable in order to verify metadata.

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Can a digital credential or badge be added to an email signature and is it clickable?

Yes. Adding a hyperlinked badge image to your email signature is a great way to make sure your professional network is aware of your certifications, credentials and other badge-worthy recognition. Follow Credly’s step-by-step “email instructions” to embed your badge within your email signature.

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Can I export badges issued through Credly to other badge-storing platforms?

Yes. Your downloaded badge contains Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI)-compliant metadata embedded into the image. This allows you to store your badge on other OBI-compliant badge sites, such as the Mozilla backpack.

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What's to keep someone from copying my badge and using it?

Badges are digital image files. They are uniquely linked to metadata (skillset information) hosted on the Credly platform. This link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a paper-based certificate. The unique link is associated only with your profile and your certifications. It also eliminates the possibility of anyone accepting your credential and your associated identity.

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How are Digital Badges & Digital Credentials Viewed ?

Are digital credentials and badges viewed on LinkedIn profiles and social media newsfeeds clickable to verify metadata?

Yes. Digital credentials will have metadata viewable to anyone who clicks on it.

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How is my credential viewed/associated with my VDCI digital badge?

Most VDCI alumni display their digital badge in their LinkedIn profile. VDCI’s digital platform manager, Credly, uses the Mozilla Open Badges standards to translate your credential into a digital image associated with metadata uniquely connected to you.

This standard allows you to easily share your digital badge online in a way that can be verified by employers and others who are interested in your skills.

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How does a badge appear when it is viewed in a social media newsfeed?

Digital badges are best optimized when they are included on your LinkedIn page. Your badge can also be displayed in a social media newsfeed as within a text box with the following information: Name of the badge; Description of the badge; Image of the badge; and Customizable verbiage inviting people to “View your verified achievement on Credly.”

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What if I do not want my digital badge to be made public?

You are in control of how and when your badge is made public. You can adjust the privacy settings in your account on the Credly platform to make your profile and badges private. You are not required to accept to your badges and may disregard the notification emails if you do not wish to participate in the digital badge program.

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What happens if I do NOT accept my Digital Credential or Badge? Will it disappear?

No, they will not disappear but they won’t be shared until you accept the terms to accept and you share them. The first time a user logs into the Credly system, they will see any digital credentials or badges that they are qualified to accept and share.

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If I do not want a digital badge, how do I opt-out?

As a certification badge holder opted-in to the certification registry, VDCI is providing you the ability to accept your certification digital badge. If you do not want your digital badge, simply disregard the email from Credly. You also have the option to manage and/or unsubscribe from Credly emails when you receive their email invitation. You must be opted-in to the certification registry to receive a badge. If you are not opted-in to the registry, you will not be awarded a badge.

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Is there Technical Support for Digital Badging?

Where can I find support about the Credly platform or about navigating the platform?

You can find answers to frequently asked questions at: https://support.credly.com/hc/en-us

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If I have questions or issues about my VDCI badge, whom can I contact?

If you believe you are eligible for a badge but have not received any information about it, contact the VDCI office – 619-758-9300 or learn@vdci.edu

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