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Fusion 360 - Design 1 Workshop

Free Fusion 360 Workshop

This is the second in our series of Fusion 360 Workshops. The Fusion 360 - Design 1 - Basic Modeling Workshop is a fun way to jump into Fusion 360 in a step-by-step project. In this workshop we will design a small lamp from start to finish, and in the process we will look at many common tools, features, and workflows that are found in many Fusion 360 design projects.

We will use the model workspace to build most of the components using sketch-based modeling. We will also explore the sculpt workspace to create the lampshade, and look at inserting pre-built components from the McMaster Carr library.

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There are three very easy steps. Create an Autodesk account, or sign in if you already have an account. Register your education account with a one-click registration, then download Fusion 360 and start designing! Click the file called "Fusion 360 Client Downloaded.exe" to continue with the download. Fusion 360 will then auto-launch once the setup is complete.

Go to this page to register your Autodesk account and download Fusion 360. If your Fusion 360 is on a 30 day trial, go to this page for instructions on how to activate a Student or Enthusiast 3-year license.

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Fusion 360 - Design 1 Workshop

The VDCI Fusion 360 Design 1 - Basic Modeling Workshop covers sketch-based modeling and T-Spline modeling - two of the most common modeling techniques in Fusion 360. This is a great workshop if you are interested in learning how to create a project from start to finish. This workshop will look at everything from basic file management to inserting components to materials.

You will begin this workshop by downloading the datasets (project files), which are in a ZIP file. VDCI recommends that you create a folder for your workshop and name the folder F360-Design-1-Workshop. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into this folder. Then start watching the videos. For this first workshop, we encourage that you follow along with the files provided, or try and use your own file throughout the videos.

It is our goal, after you complete all of the workshops (all of which should be available by January 2018) that you will become proficient with Fusion 360, and that you will take, and pass the Autodesk Fusion 360 Certified User exam.


Download the Datasets

Project Videos

02-Base - Part 1
03-Base - Part 2
04-Base Part 4
05-Lower Arms
06-Upper Arm
07-Lampshade Arm - Part 1
08-Lampshade Arm - Part 2
10-Insert Linked Components - Part 1
11-Insert Linked Components - Part 2
12-Sculpt T-Spline Modeling
14-Thicken & Modeling
15-Insert McMaster Carr