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FAQs about Your WIOA Application

VDCI - Approved to be on the ETPL & Supporting WIOA since 2010.

Training Provider Contact Information & ID

Training Provider Name: Virtual Design & Construction Institute
Address: 3904 Groton Street, San Diego, CA 92110
Training Provider ID:   ETPL ID = 2399

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Student Contact Information

Gina Leenerts, Student Services Manager
gleenerts@vdci.edu, 619-758-9300

Franklin Ebalida, Program Coordinator
febalida@vdci.edu, 619-758-9300

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Training Schedule

There are 17 online course sessions scheduled throughout the entire year. Each course session is online, asynchronous and is accessible 24/7.

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Three Start/End Dates

When you submit your paperwork to your local One-Stop Career Center / America's Job Center, you must be aware of the processing time required by those agencies to schedule you into a WIOA or other Third-Party Funded Program. Your Program Coordinator will work with you to determine the Training Schedule Options for your Training Program.

The three start dates will be chosen from the following PDF Course Schedule:

The three end dates will be based on the following:

CAD/BIM Technology Certificate : Start Date plus 15 Months
CAD Technology Certificate : Start Date plus 12 Months
BIM Technology Certificate : Start Date plus 12 Months
Civil 3D Technology Certificate : Start Date plus 10.5 Months
DAC Technology Certificate : Start Date plus 12 Months

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The Placement Assistance provided by VDCI

VDCI offers placement assistance in a training-related position for anyone who successfully completes a Technology Certificate program.

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The Cost of the Training and What it Includes

The following PDF includes the Program Costs needed on your submission to your One-Stop Career Center / America's Job Center.

The VDCI Technology Certificate Programs include: Learning software skills for In-Demand CAD & BIM Jobs; Participating in Instructor-led courses taught by Practicing Professionals; Hands-on experience using the leading, industry-standard software on real-world, project-based assignments; Receiving copies of Autodesk Official Training textbooks; Receiving free access to the Autodesk Software for three years; Earning Autodesk Course Completion Certificates & Industry-Recognized Digital Badges; Completing a Certificate Completion Thesis Project which can be presented to employers, demonstrating proficiency on a project which was completed by the student themselves; Earning a nationally accredited Technology Certificate in the designated area of study.

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What Skills/Experience/Education is necessary to complete the Program

Students must be comfortable taking online classes. The minimum education requirement is a High School Diploma or GED.

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