A Nationally Accredited Educational Institution

WIOA, ETPL & CalJobs Approved

cadteacher/vdci welcomes Career Counselors, Case Managers and Career Advisors

cadteacher/vdci is approved by the BPPE and the WIA to provide online and onsite Technology Certificate Programs. We are listed on the ETPL (Eligible Training Provider List) and CalJobs as cadteacher.com

When your clients learn at cadteacher, they will:

  • Receive free access to the Autodesk Software.
  • Earn Industry-Recognized Autodesk Course Certificates.
  • Participate in a training program designed by our instructors and our advisory committee targeted towards Industry-Recognized Autodesk Certification.


For their courses, they will:

  • Work on simulated real-world projects.
  • Interact 1:1 with their instructor.
  • Watch videos prepared by their instructor.
  • Read Autodesk Authorized Official Training Courseware to augment their learning.
  • Participate in discussion forums with their classmates.
  • Take quizzes and tests.
  • Submit their course project deliverables.

For their Technology Certificate, they will:

  • Receive one attempt towards the Autodesk Professional Certification Exam.
  • Prove their knowledge by submitting Certificate Completion Thesis Projects — which they can include in their portfolio as a project they have completed themselves to demonstrate their proficiency.
  • Earn a Technology Certificate in their area of study.