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Enrolling at VDCI

VDCI offers many ways to help you learn the CAD, BIM, C3D (Civil 3D) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) software skills you need to advance in your current career or to start a new one.

All of our courses are offered online and many are offered onsite.

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The Enrollment Process

Participating in a VDCI Technology Certificate Program is a commitment by you which will benefit your career.

Please read The Three Steps to Enroll into a Certificate Program listed below and then read the Enrollment Checklist. This page will walk you through the enrollment process.

The Three Steps to Enroll into a Certificate Program

(Step 1) Review a Technology Certificate Program Enrollment Agreement

Please click on the name of your Technology Certificate Program below and review that Enrollment Agreement. During the enrollment process, you will be acknowledging that you have reviewed your Enrollment Agreement before making your payment. You will be completing a copy of

your Technology Certificate Program Enrollment agreement after you have enrolled in your Certificate Program.

(Step 2) ADD TO CART and Begin the Checkout Process

  • Choose the Payment Plan for your Technology Certificate Program, confirm the required items and "ADD TO CART."
  • Go to your Cart and create or SIGN IN to your account.
  • Go through the Checkout Process.
  • After you have checked out, you will receive two emails from registrar@vdci.edu -- your Order Confirmation and your VDCI Enrollment Agreement, for you to complete.
  • Please follow the link provided in the fourth paragraph of your VDCI Enrollment Agreement email. Once you have completed the Enrollment Agreement, please SUBMIT it to the VDCI Registrar. NOTE: You can "copy/paste" your initials to speed up the enrollment process.
  • After you have submitted your Enrollment Agreement, our Program Manager will email you an executed copy of your Enrollment Agreement.

(Step 3) Begin your Technology Certificate Program!

After the Enrollment Process is complete, our VDCI Program Manager will reach out to you to Welcome you to the VDCI Technology Certificate Program, to discuss your schedule, your required and elective course options and to answer any questions you might have.

Vocational Students will be automatically placed in a VDCI “trial period” for six weeks or until their first two courses in the Program have been successfully completed with a "C-" (70%) or better. These courses must include one required introductory level and one required intermediate level course required for the completion of the student’s certificate program.

Enrollment Checklist

  • Our technology certificate programs are nationally accredited; therefore, we adhere to the following expectations:

    (a) Program must be completed within the published time frame (9 – 12 months depending on the program)

    (b) Any breaks must be approved in advance – a Leave of Absence form must be submitted for approval. Work-related breaks are not allowed.

    (c) If employed within the industry, VDCI may ask you to confirm your employer, start date, position/title, employer contact info so we can verify your employment.

    (d) If a student does not plan to get employed in a training-related position, they should not enroll in a technology certificate program.
  • Proof of Education: VDCI requires a copy of a high school diploma, GED, or other proof of former education in order such as a transcript, diploma, or certificate to enroll in a certificate program
  • Trial Period: VDCI requires you to fill out an enrollment agreement prior to starting your first course in the program. By signing the enrollment agreement, you agree to start the program under a trial period where you will be expected to complete two courses with a 70% or higher. If you do not pass this trial period, you will be dropped from the program and you will not be allowed to enroll in another technology certificate program, however, you can enroll in our training bundles. See VDCI Catalog page 94 to review the trial period details.
  • Stay in touch with Staff: VDCI expects each student to communicate with our staff when an issue arises that may affect their class attendance. Lack of communication, after a certain period of time, may result in program termination.
  • Certificate Program v Training Bundle: If the student is not interested in receiving a technology certificate for completing a program, they should not enroll in a program and should refer to our training bundles.
  • Hardware Requirements: Student must have a computer that meets the computer hardware requirements necessary to run Autodesk software programs.
  • Student must have fundamental working knowledge of the Windows environment.
  • Students must have access to good-quality (10 mbps) Internet bandwidth. It is recommended that students use dual monitors.
  • Time Commitments: Student must have enough time to spend 20+ hours per each 18-day cycle to complete each online course.
  • Student must be comfortable taking classes online.

Contact VDCI with Questions

If you have any questions, please contact our Program Manager -- 619-758-9300 or email admissions@vdci.edu to discuss our Technology Certificate Programs. Our Program Manager will help guide you in choosing the best path for you and will assist you in the Enrollment Process.

VDCI wants to make sure that you understand your rights and your protections when you participate in one of our Programs.

Enrolling in Online Classes and Programs

You can enroll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When enrolling, you select the individual course, Training Bundle or Technology Certificate Program in which you wish to enroll. You choose your desired location (online or onsite), start date – and then – Welcome!  It's our turn to help you learn project-based CAD and BIM software technology skills! You can also call us at 619-758-9300 for personal assistance.

To Enroll in an Individual Course:

  • Navigate to the individual course you are interested in.
  • Select your preference for the Location (Online / Onsite).
  • Choose your desired Start Date and Grading Option (Letter Grade or Audit) and if you would like to order a Textbook.
  • Acknowledge the Prerequisites, Computer Hardware & Audit Completion Certificate Requirements.
  • Select "Add to Cart" to complete the registration and payment process.
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To Enroll in a Training Bundle:

VDCI offers over 15 Training Bundles. The Specialist Certification and Certified Professional Training Bundles are very popular.

  • Navigate to the Training Bundle you are interested in.
  • Select your preference for the Payment Option (Interest-Free Monthly Payment or Full Payment, Location (Online / Onsite), Grading Option (Letter Grade or Audit) and if you would like to order a Textbook.
  • Acknowledge the Training Bundle Prerequisites.
  • Select "Add to Cart" to complete the registration and payment process.
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To Enroll in a Technology Certificate Program:

Technology Certificate Programs are highly regulated by the Department of Education, our National Accreditation Agency and the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Before you enroll, the VDCI Registrar needs to interview you in-person, over the phone or via email and must also confirm that all required documents and forms and are in order.

  • Navigate to the technology certificate that you are interested in.
  • Complete the registration process.
  • A VDCI representative will follow up with you to confirm your registration, collect required documents, and schedule class dates and locations.

View Technology Certificate Requirements.

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Enroll in Onsite Courses and Programs

You can enroll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the VDCI registration page. You can also call us at 619-758-9300 for personal assistance.

Schedule a visit: If you’re located near our San Diego campus, you are welcome to visit our location at 3904 Groton Street and meet with one of our staff members in person, to help you enroll in your course, Training Bundle or Technology Certificate Program. Please call the VDCI admissions team at 619-758-9300 or email registrar@vdci.edu to schedule a visit.

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