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VDCI Carefully and Thoughtfully Designs our Courses

Our courses are designed by practicing Construction Industry professionals who are also Adobe-Certified Instructors. When VDCI designs our courses, we keep two things in mind:

  • Professional Workflow -- How the software is used in an office -- Specifically - How to Help You Succeed
  • Including the Objectives of the Adobe Certification Exams in our Courses -- Again, How to Help You Succeed
Adobe Expert Certification Exam

The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Exam

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Earning an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Certification verifies that you have the essential Adobe software skills and industry knowledge to start your career.

  • Adobe recommends 50-hours of hands-on experience with the software
  • If you have completed a VDCI Professional or Specialist Bundle, you're ready to take the exam now!
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The Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Exam

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The Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) is an advanced certification designed for professionals who possess expert-level knowledge of a tool and can solve complex challenges in workflow and design.

  • Adobe recommends 2-years of experience in a professional environment working with the software
  • Adobe recommends 400 (minimum) - 1,200 hours (recommended) of real-world Adobe software experience

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... Practice, Practice, Practice. You'll be READY to take the Adobe ACE Exam before you know it!