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Learn the details of Blueprints Understand how information is conveyed in a set of Construction DocumentsUnderstand how information is conveyed in a set of Construction DocumentsUnderstand how information is conveyed in a set of Construction Documents
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Blueprint Reading 2 PFC 201


4 credits
-- Equal to 4 hours of ON-SITE training

Learning Objectives:


Increase your efficiency by using intuitive software tools to measure, mark up and review 2D and 3D designs on your computer or your tablet.


Improve your performance by taking advantage of downloadable, online software.

Measure parts, areas, surfaces and dimensions for more accurate communcation with your construction team.

Mark up and annotate by adding comments, information and suggestions for design changes to 2D and 3D files.

What you learn: Many people in the construction industry can benefit professionally by learning how to read a set of construction documents (CDs). The class is designed to help trades professionals, journeypeople, drafters, designers and architectural and engineering interns. By the conclusion of this class, participants will be able to work themselves through a set of construction documents, and understand and apply the inter-connectivity between the drawings.

Please look at the "Topics" section to see the specific topics covered in the course.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Blueprint Reading and/or relevant industry experience. Introduction to AutoCAD and/or Revit is recommended.

Course Description: This hands-on course focuses on reviewing construction documents using Autodesk Design Review software. This free software program takes traditional Blueprint reading to the next level. With this program, you can review and mark-up Construction Documents generated using AutoCAD and Revit.

The course will utilize lectures, hands-on demonstrations and lab exercises to familiarize participants with the art of blueprint reading. The course will review a set of both residential and commercial construction documents. At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to make the connections and references between multiple documents contained in a set of blueprint drawings and will be qualified to enroll in the AutoCAD courses.

Clourse Project:Reviewing the construction documents for a commercial project and a residential project.

Grading: Class participants will receive a grade based on their competency proven in the assessments (quizzes and tests) and their participation in the discussion forums.

Autodesk Certification Objectives: Autodesk Certification Objectives are not formally addressed in this course, but the following topics detailed in Autodesk Certification Objectives are covered, as they relate to construction documents (blueprints):

  Work with Text
Creating Basic Drawings
  Use Draw commands to create geometry
  Create Dimensions
Drawing organization and Inquiry Commands
  Use Layers
Manipulating Objects
  Copy, Move, Mirror and Rotate Objects
Hatching Objects
  Use Hatching
Layouts and Visibility
  Create and Manage Layers
Reusable Content
  Create, Insert and Edit Blocks

Autodesk Course e-certificate:  Introduction to Blueprint Reading is not an Autodesk course, so there is no Autodesk e-certificate provided for this course.

/vdci is an Authorized Autodesk Training Center (ATC).

State of California Approval: Our Technology Certificates and our technology-based courses are approved by the Sate of California's Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) for both online and onsite learning.

Autodesk Professional Certification Exams: For many of their software programs, Autodesk offers Associate and Professional Certification Exams which test your skills and knowedge. cadteacher/vdci strongly encourages our students to take the exams and to become Certified Autodesk Professionals. As an Autodesk Certified Professional, you can enhance your credibility and can accelerate your professional development. Many employers insist on hiring Autodesk Certified Professionals.

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